user research – in store – for Belgian retailer

For a Belgian retailer, we conducted an in-store user research to find pain points for the current service. Real-user discussions and direct information with deep-understanding gave the client direct, honest and actionable feedback to work on.

Focussing on the payment process in-store gave us insights on how annoyingly exactly queuing is perceived by customers and how it could be solved or perceived less annoyingly. Together with this and other topics, we interviewed about in-store-after-sales: on why certain customers would giftwrap or not with the branded-free paper available, or why they didn’t already wrap the gifts while queuing (if you catch our drift)…

Streamlining this part of the shopping experience has quite some impact to the user, and as quite some people focus on time during the busy end-of-year shopping periods: we could all-together save a lot of time or make that experience a lot more fun!

We finally prodived a strategy for mid- and long-term improvements to keep in-sync with their customers now and in the future.

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