1voor12.be – marketing website for end of year event

Wow, and did we sell out!

Asked on a very tight schedule deliver a mini-marketing-website for an end of year event, based on a poster design, we did our magic and – sorry – but the graphical design team had to rework their poster to align to the webdesign 🙂

The goal was to sell out the tickets for the end-of-year party around mid-december of 2011 (okay, design-wise its was very 2011 indeed ;-))

With great click-through in the ticket-funnel and amazing facebook marketing (we had a healthy chunck of people landing directly on the ticket page as first interaction)

Some stats: +3000 unique users, generating +14k pageviews and a bounce of only 20% (so +2.5K interested users!) We were happy to sell out so fast, but unhappy the venue was too small for all 3000 interested visitors – if we had only known on beforehand!

Do you want your event to sell out fast, like faster than you can book your venue?