EinScan HX Hybrid 3D Scanner

A succesfull update from the EinScan HD for a global market. A modern interaction experience with modern ergonomics, to encase the hidden Hybrid Blue Laser & LED technology in a portable, hand-held scanner. — The EinScan HX.

The new hybrid technology enables reflective and black bodies to be scanned without markers or any powder, which reduces the time of scanning dramatically. At the same time a strong technology backbone enables fluid scanning and a more intuitive error-tolerant approach.

Recognised as a leader in the prosumer segment, the ambition was high to deliver once more on-par technology, better specs and an intuitive interaction way below the professional price point.

And did we deliver! Congrats to the team who pushed for more and finalised with an integrated styling.

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Chinese website:
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Design strategy by IDEARTOR, final styling by Nancy.